In February 2023, Dr Anna Wrobel was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Dr Wrobel completed her PhD with our team at IMPACT TRIALS, showing immense potential for a successful career in academia. Throughout her PhD, Miss Wrobel examined the role of trauma in the treatment of bipolar disorder and provided novel evidence linking trauma to less favourable treatment outcomes among patients with bipolar disorder.


Dr Wrobel just commenced the Master of Clinical Psychology at Deakin University, which will allow her to bridge the gap between knowledge gained through research into trauma and its application in clinical practice. Dr Wrobel’s core vision for the next ten years is to develop an effective intervention program specifically for patients with mood disorders who have a history of trauma that can be implemented in mental health care systems across the country. Fortunately, while completing her degree, Dr Wrobel will continue her research at IMPACT TRIALS.

Watch Dr Wrobel present her research at the link below.

Watch recording. Passcode 8rE$^1#e




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