Pint of Science Australia delivers science engagement that builds the Australian public’s appreciation of science, helps combat inequity and negative stereotypes in the Australia science sector, establishes and supports cross-discipline collaborations, and celebrates and champions excellence in the Australian science and science engagement sectors. The 2020 Pint of Science Festival runs from 9th to 11th May 2022, and will deliver a range of online and in-person (in-pub!) events designed to whet your appetite for what goes on in the world of scientists, AND satisfy your thirst for a pint of your favourite beverage at the same time!

Researchers from IMPACT TRIALS will join together with others from across Deakin University, Barwon Health, and Barwon Water to bring you three nights of presentations on research that is happening right here in Geelong…all from the comfort and safety of Little Creatures Brewery (221 Swanston Street, Geelong). The themes for these three nights are:

  • Monday 9th May. It’s all about the human body: from malaria to protective motorcycle clothing to 3D printing spare body parts
  • Tuesday 10th May. Clues from nature to help society: from engineering and medicine to solving crimes
  • Wednesday 11th May. How to create a more sustainable society: from recreating clothing and green energy yo nature in healthcare. 

More information on the full schedule of events across Australia during the 2022 Pint of Science Festival can be found here. If you’d like to know more about Pint of Science Australia, click here.

Don’t forget, Pint of Science Festival is made possible thanks to a team of very dedicated (and highly qualified) volunteers – so if you see a thirsty volunteer scientist at any of the Pint of Science gigs you go to, buy them a pint to say thanks!

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