On the 21st of May 2023, the GMCC held another fantastic night of high-quality music to raise awareness and funding for mental health. Over the last five years, the GMCC have raised $16,635 in ticket sales and a further $1,175 in donations that directly support the GMCC Dean McInnes Travel Awards, named in honour of one of the GMCC founding members. These events would not be possible without the generous support of the Barwon Club Hotel, providing the venue and directly donating all ticket sales to these awards.


The most recent event, Guilty Pleasures, showcased all the songs we hate to admit we love. Rocking out to songs such as “How You Remind Me” and “How Can We Be Lovers” the night includes professional and amateur musicians local to Geelong and further afield. These musicians volunteer their time for these events and are dedicated to bringing the community together for mental health.


The 15th GMCC Dean McInnes Travel Award winner was Emma Todd, who will use the funding to attend the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Conference in Milan, Italy. Congratulations to Emma on receiving the award for her work in “Using Machine Learning to Explore the Diet-Microbiome-Brain Relationship and Predict Depression Risk”.  Awardees are not informed prior to the event of their success so Emma did exceptionally well describing her project and the use of the funds on the evening.


Finally, thanks to all of the GMCC members and to the IMPACT members who have supported these events. The GMCC do this for IMPACT voluntarily and it’s heart-warming to see IMPACTers supporting these events.  Special thanks to Bonnie Beasant is both a CARN Central Committee Member and a GMCC musician.


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