The IMPACT Showcase 2022 brought together various researchers across the pillars of research. There was significant representation from TRIALS with Sammy Russell and Anna Wrobel presenting in the HDR session, Alessandra Sarmiento, Eslam Ahmed and Izel Eraslan presenting in the poster session (first time presenters), and Alyna Turner, Adam Walker and Olivia Dean also presenting during the conference.

Anna Wrobel was awarded the People’s Choice Presentation Award.

Below is a selection of photos capturing some of the wonderful presentations.

TRIALS team on the day (L to R) – Olivia Dean (Director), Eslam Ahmed, Adam Walker, Melanie Ashton, Alessandra Sarmiento, Sammy Russell, Maddy McCallum, Sam Robison, Anna Wrobel, Catherine Mazza, Lesley Berk, Izel Eraslan, Alyna Turner (Deputy Director) and Michael Berk.


Anna Wrobel – Winner People’s Choice Oral Presentation Award


Women in Science Panel (Olivia Dean representing TRIALS)


Izel Eraslan presenting her poster with Adam Walker, Olivia Dean and Craig Smith

Adam Waker presenting

Eslam presenting his poster with Adam Walker, Olivia Dean and Craig Smith



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