We are going to be showcasing our IMPACT TRIALS PhD students over coming months.

First, meet Eslam Ahmed.

Eslam completed his undergraduate and Masters studies in the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. After this he was awarded the Japanese government scholarship (MEXT) to be a research student at Hiroshima University, Japan. In 2020 he joined us at Deakin University, receiving a postgraduate scholarship to complete his PhD.

Eslam’s PhD is focusing on the links between lung inflammation, social stress, and mental health. People with asthma have a higher risk of poor mental health including anxiety and depression. Bidirectional links between lung inflammation and mental health clearly exist, however the molecular mechanisms underlying these interactions are not well understood. To gain a better understanding, Eslam and team are performing transcriptomic profiling on different brain regions after inducing lung inflammation (asthma) in mice.

Watch this space for results from Eslam’s PhD work as they are published!

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