BipolarWISE is an 11-week comprehensive program that aims to empower people with strategies and skills to manage their bipolar disorder and enhance their wellbeing. It is designed to complement usual treatment and is not a substitute for regular medical treatment. The program includes online group sessions as well as individual telehealth sessions, that are led by an experienced psychologist. We have also designed a mobile application to help participants apply what they learn throughout the sessions to everyday life. The study has ethics approval and we are ready to trial the program to make sure it meets the needs of people with bipolar disorder. We are inviting people with bipolar disorder to express their interest in participating in a feedback study to ensure the program and accompanying app is relevant, useful and beneficial to people living with bipolar disorder and who can attend weekly online group sessions and individual telehealth sessions.

If you are interested in finding out more or expressing your interest in participating, please contact the researchers on or 0459 965 545.

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