Family and friends are often confronted with the major depression of someone they care for without having much information about helpful things they can do to provide support, and deal with the changes they see in the person and their relationship. This project aims to get your feedback on the Depression Assist online programme, which contains information and training exercises specifically for family/friends of people diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

The aim is to provide family/friends of people with major depressive disorder with an easily accessible and useful online resource to assist them to:

  • Be informed and better understand depression and how it is treated
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of depression and not lose sight of the person behind the condition.
  • Find ways to be supportive in their particular situation
  • Deal with the changes in their relationship with the person and maintain their own wellbeing
  • Be aware of resources and support options for people with depression and their family/friends

To make sure the website is as useful, acceptable, engaging and easy to use as possible, we need your feedback. Your feedback will help to develop the final website, which we plan to test in a large rigorous trial. If helpful, this online resource could be made publicly accessible and potentially make a difference to the lives of both family/friends and the people with depression they support.

If you are interested in finding out more or expressing your interest in participating, please contact the researchers on or 0456 755 552.

You can also read the DepressionASSIST participant information sheet and register your interest in participating by clicking on the “Register for trial” link (below).

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