Recently, IMPACT TRIALS have completed recruitment for the Mangosteen Bipolar Trial. This trial investigates whether an extract of the mangosteen fruit rind can help reduce symptoms of depression in people with bipolar disorder. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit commonly grown in South East Asia, and has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine.

The study medication acts as a supplement to a participant’s regular treatment and contains a multitude of bioactive agents including xanthones, polyphenols, tannins and epicatechins. These components reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and improve neurogenesis, making mangosteen a highly suitable agent to explore as additional therapy for bipolar depression. When used in conjunction with existing medication, the bioactive agents may help target and treat the depressive phase of the illness, which can last three times longer than the manic phase and where the effectiveness of established treatments is at its weakest.

Participants on this study are given capsules containing either Mangosteen pericarp extract or placebo for 6 months and are monitored monthly for changes in severity of mood symptoms, improvements in symptomology, quality of life, functioning and cognition. The study also measures markers for oxidative stress and inflammation within the blood.

At the close of recruitment, 152 Participants were enrolled in the study across Australia. This included sites in Brisbane, Geelong and Melbourne The study is being conducted in collaboration with Barwon Health, The Melbourne Clinic, the Toowong Specialist Clinic (Brisbane) and The Albert Road Clinic, also in Melbourne. Final data will be collected in June this year with results to follow.

Trial locations

Barwon Health

283 Ryrie St, Geelong
VIC 3220

The Melbourne Clinic

130 Church St,
VIC 3121

Albert Road Clinic

31 Albert Road, 
VIC 3004

Toowong Specialist Clinic

54 Jephson St, 
QLD 4066

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